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Trump protest small, peaceful

Dave Thompson
Prairie Public

Credit Dave Thompson / Prairie Public
Prairie Public

Before Donald Trump arrived in Bismarck to speak to the Williston Basin Petroleum Conference, protestors gathered outside the Bismarck Events Center.

Organizers had hoped for 500 to 1000 people – but by noon, only about 50 had gathered.

They had a bullhorn for speeches, and carried signs. Patrick Engelhart of Bismarck had a unique sign, which read: “Trump Hates Knoephla.”

"To me, and I think to a lot of people, Trump is nothing but a joke," Engelhart said. "Especially his policies. So, I fugured that, by making a joke, you can draw attention to it."

Emily Long is from Williston – and she’s a student at Bismarck’s University of Mary.  She thinks Trump would be a disaster as President.

"He uses racism and fear, and misogynistic qualities," Long said. "He shouldn't be allowed to say those things without reproach."

There were also a few pro-Trump protestors. Marty Beard of Bismarck carried a “Don’t Tread on Me” flag.

"It's to protect my freedoms of speech, and my Second Amendment rights," Beard said. "That's against people like this, who would love to see my rights erased. Any candidate that they propose plans on taking away my rights."

With the exception of a few shouts back and forth, the protest was peaceful. One Trump opponent even made a point of shaking the hand of a Trump supporter – in the middle of the street.

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