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ND Association of Counties opposes Measure 3


The North Dakota Association of Counties is opposing Measure 3 – the measure that would legalize recreational marijuana.

Association executive director Terry Traynor said the group took that step at its convention this week in Bismarck.

"We don't think North Dakota is ready (for recreational marijuana)," Traynor said in an interview.

Traynor said the measure is flawed.

"It lacks a lot of protections, as well as the regulation and control we think is necessary," Traynor said. "It doesn't limit individuals from growing it, it doesn't restrict where it can be sold. It doesn't provide local government or the state with any authority to put those things in place."

Supporters say the Legislature could meet to make some changes. But Traynor says he’s concerned about the clause where the measure would become law 30 days after it is declared to be passed.

"It's a bit scary," Traynor said. "The Legislature won't be able to get much done in 60 or 90 days."

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