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"Nine Sticks of Butter" ~ White Horse Hill Game Reserve

Jun 1, 2021

Nine Sticks of Butter cookies

Tuesday, June 1, 2021 - When parents lose a child, it can feel like life will never go on. Minot’s Melissa Olson lost her first born after a decade of health concerns following a premature birth. She’s channeled her love for Natalie, and her love of baking, into her business, Nine Sticks of Butter Cookies. It’s named in honor of Natalie’s birth weight. ~~~ Chuck Lura discusses prescribed burning in another episode of Natural North Dakota. ~~~ As school is over or winding down, it’s time to think summer vacation. Ashley Thornberg takes us on a tour of White Horse Hill National Game Preserve outside Devils Lake with Colleen Graue, visitors’ services manager with the US Fish and Wildlife Service. ~~~ This week’s Plains Folk essay from NDSU historian Tom Isern’s is titled “Marching to Bismarck.”