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'North Bakken Expansion Project' awaiting federal OK

Mar 25, 2020

A pipeline company is awaiting federal approval of a plan to build 62 miles of natural gas pipeline in Williams, McKenzie, Mountrail and Burke Counties.

The project is known as the “North Bakken Expansion Project,” and is proposed by WBI Energy Transmission, a subsidiary of Bismarck-based MDU Resources Group.

The 24 inch diameter line would run from WBI Energy’s Tioga Compressor station to a new interconnect with the Northern Border Pipeline Company in McKenzie County. It would also include a new compressor station.

"The North Bakken Expansion Project will provide an additional 350 million cubic feet per day of natural gas take-away capacity from the gas processing plants in the Bakken," said MDU Resources manager of communications and public relations Laurel Lueder. "Ideally, this project is going to continue to aid in the reduction of natural gas flaring out of the Bakken."

The project’s price tag is $300 million. The company has filed with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, and awaits FERC approval.

Lueder said the plan is to start construction in early 2021, and have it up and running by November first of that year.