October 6, 2019: I'll Be Seeing You, Episode 4 | Prairie Public Broadcasting

October 6, 2019: I'll Be Seeing You, Episode 4

Oct 4, 2019

 October 6 at 5pm: 

I'll Be Seeing You is a special four-part radio series featuring original reporting on a variety of subjects connected by rapidly shifting technology.

Episode Four: Spycatcher -- Finding Insider Threats in the Digital Age

We delve into one of the most damaging spy cases this country has ever known, and explain how casinos, algorithms, and data surveillance will transform spying in the modern age.

More about "I'll Be Seeing You"

Without our being fully aware, hacking, artificial intelligence, offensive cyber, and data surveillance has crept into our lives. I'll Be Seeing You takes listeners on a narrative journey to make sense of it all. In four one hour specials, NPR's Dina Temple-Raston will investigate the mysterious death of one of the world's most famous hackers, explain how artificial intelligence is saving the elephants, go behind-the-scenes with a secret military team hacking into ISIS, and explore how technology is changing the way the government catches spies. This series is a primer for anyone who wants to get under the hood to understand today's surveillance technologies.