WSI director: Complaints are down

Sep 17, 2015

An interim Legislative committee will again hear complaints and concerns about how the state’s Workforce Safety and insurance agency handles workers compensation claims.

The Workers Compensation Review Committee has been around for a number of years.

"During that time, they had about 15 workers talk about their claims, and see if the committee could do anything legislatively or by policy," said WSI executive director and CEO Bryan Klipfel. "Last biennium, only one employee came through."

Klipfel says that might be an indicator that things are getting better.

"I believe we do a very good job," said Klipfel. "I'm not saying we're perfect, but we do a good job in handling the claims that are coming in."

Klipfel says as the state’s economy has expanded, more businesses are coming under WSI’s workers compensation coverage. He says that means more employees – and more claims.