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Big Bread


In January of 1957, the Brownee Bakery in Fargo turned out the world’s largest loaf of bread. They worked on it for 12 days before getting it right, and after 17 failures, they finally produced the perfect loaf.

Some bakers pride themselves on bread that’s light as a feather; but this record breaker weighed a whopping 375 pounds. It’s not clear where they got a pan or an oven big enough to handle it, but the final product was 6 feet long and 2_ feet high.

Northwest Airlines flew it to Minneapolis, where it was sold at auction for $855 during a banquet honoring North Dakota. The project was a promotion cooked up by the Greater North Dakota Association, with proceeds going to charity.

375 pounds of bread… That would take a lot of baloney.

Dakota Datebook written by Merry Helm