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Varsity Bachelor Club


On this date in 1902, ten young, turned-down, heart-pierced UND men founded the Varsity Bachelor Club.

“We had all been fooled to the top of our bent,” one said, “had all received the cold answer ‘No,’ when we had every reason to expect ‘Yes.’ At this ill treatment and Miss-usage, we were so indignant that we... swore that we would be bachelors forevermore.”

The club had three rules: Never go out walking with a lady who is not your sister or near relative; Never pay attention to, or smile at, ladies; and... be courteous to fair ones, but do not become fascinated.

Now listen to Article 2 of their constitution! “The object of this fraternity shall be... to get its members married as soon as possible.”

The club lasted for 7 years, and most members went on to be senators, representatives, governors, attorneys, university higher-ups, judges and... married.

Dakota Datebook written by Merry Helm