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Animals to the Pound


Folks in Lakota appear to have had an animal problem in the spring and summer of 1902.

On April 18th, the Lakota Herald reported: “Some rascal shot P. Jorgenson’s dog, Bruiser, Wednesday eve. Bruiser, contrary to name, never did anyone any harm, and why, except from pure deviltry anyone would shoot him remains a mystery.

In the July 18th issue, R. L. Metcalf wrote a short but sweet letter to the Herald, saying: “I wish you would tell the boys around town that the School Board will pay 25 cents per head for all cows, horses, pigs, oxen, mules and any other animal found on the school house grounds that they will take up and put in the pound. They have already did us over $200 worth of damage and we will not stand it any longer.”

Source: Lakota Herald. April 18, 1902 and July 18, 1902.

Dakota Datebook written by Merry Helm