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Chateau Opens


The Marquis de Mores built his house overlooking Medora – it became known as the chateau. Actually, though, it was more of a hunting lodge – the type of structure eastern businessmen liked for entertaining guests. It was two stories tall and had 26 rooms.

Researcher Constance Silver wrote, “Unfortunately, we will never know Medora’s reaction when she saw the barely completed Chateau for the first time in August 1883. However, from the major changes that resulted, we can be sure that she did not like much of what she saw... She was able to employ the latest machine-made commercial goods, available in Minneapolis or Chicago, to add a touch of domesticity...”

The Chateau de Mores was refurbished and opened to the public on this date in 1941.

Source: Silver, Constance. “Chateau deMores, Medora, North Dakota: Analyses of Original Interior Finishes.” 1995.

Dakota Datebook written by Merry Helm