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Prairie Dog Velcro


Today marks the day that genetic researcher-turned entrepreneur Cy Ludovicianus started his ranch west of Betrugen in Dupér County. There he does not raise the usual cattle or horses – or even bison or emu. Instead he is raising prairie dogs. But these are bioengineered prairie dogs whose fur has been genetically modified to emulate the hooks and loops of – Velcro!

According to Dr. Cy, as he’s called, he has engineered the males to have the Velcro hook fur and the females to have the loop type. One problem, so far, has been that the animals become fastened to each other during mating, The scientist says it’s quite a sight to see them running around in tandem, but the fact that they can’t get through their burrow entrances while, as he calls it “hooked up” has caused an increase in predation that is troublesome. Nonetheless, he hopes for a bright future for this newest North Dakota industry.