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Lindberg Day


On this day in 1927, the celebrated American aviator Charles Lindberg flew into Fargo in The Spirit of St. Louis. The visit was just three months after the historic solo flight from New York to Paris made him a super-hero.

People came to Fargo from all over the region to catch a glimpse of the grinning pilot. Hotels were booked and people gathered early in the morning for the afternoon arrival. The famous silver plane circled and buzzed both Fargo and Moorhead at low altitude before landing in North Fargo about 2 p.m.

Lindbergh rode to El Zagal Park, sitting on the back of a convertible and waving to the crowds lining the streets. In his speech in the natural amphitheatre at the park, he told the throng the primary reason for his visit was “to promote the construction of airports and the development of mail and commercial aviation…and Fargo’s possibilities are great…”

Written by Russell Ford-Dunker


“Throng Welcomes Lindbergh” The Fargo Forum and Daily Republican 26 August 1927, p. 1.