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A.G. Leismeister – Jaegermeister


North Dakota can lay claim to many great hunters, but one man truly stands out in Wells County. A.G. Leismeister was originally from Odessa, South Russia, and came to Pierce County in 1897. His hunting experiences began as a child in Russia, but on this day in June 30, 1898, he began hunting coyotes and wolves in Wells County and the surrounding area.

Leismeister’s hunting experiences would soon earn him a reputation as the world’s champion wolf and coyote hunter. During his lifetime, Leismeister killed 16,000 wolves, 100 of which were in Wells County. His hunts earned him more than $32,000 in bounty. His record killing was 63 animals in three and a half days. With stats like these, A.G. Leismeister certainly proved himself a Jaegermeister—German for hunting master, or professional hunter. Leismeister’s hunting sprees didn’t end until his death on February 6, 1933.

By Tessa Sandstrom


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