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ND State Flag


The North Dakota state flag was adopted by the North Dakota Legislative Assembly on this day in 1911. The resolution to adopt the flag was brought forth on January 21, 1911 by Colonel John H. Fraine. Fraine urged the assembly to adopt a flag that would resemble the flag carried by the North Dakota infantry members in the 1898 Spanish-American War and the 1899 Phillipine War. Therefore, upon its adoption, the flag took the color, size, and form of the North Dakota regimental flag. The only difference was that a red scroll was added to the base of the flag bearing the name of the state.

Featuring a large open-beaked eagle, the flag contains many references to the original thirteen colonies, including thirteen stars and stripes. In fact, in 1953 a bill was introduced to change the flag because of its uncanny resemblance to the United States Coat of Arms, but the bill was quickly defeated.




--Jayme L Job