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Buffalo Creek State Historic Site


It was on this date in 1863 that General Sibley, along with a US Army force over 3,000 strong, crossed Buffalo Creek in present-day west-central Cass County.

Travelling to Fort Abercrombie, Sibley's campaign against those Dakota believed responsible for a series of attacks in Minnesota the year before was coming to an end. His army had trekked nearly 1,000 miles, engaged in three major battles and a number of skirmishes, yet was entirely unable to force the Dakota into surrender. By mid-August Sibley was compelled to end his summer campaign without completing his objective.

Today, Buffalo Creek State Historic Site, marked with a simple plaque fixed to a boulder, stands as a reminder of the fateful Sibley expedition over a century and a half ago.

Dakota Datebook written by Lane Sunwall


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