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Flasher Congregational Church


In May of 1908, the city of Flasher still had no Protestant church. However, that soon changed. Concerned citizens met at the Flasher school to organize a Congregational church. The Reverend Bosworth was called to be pastor, and given a $500 yearly salary.

The church needed a building and chose to erect one on the outskirts of town. The members were thrilled to lay the cornerstone on November 27, 1910. However, tragedy struck the small rural church when on January 1, 1915, it caught fire and burned to the ground.

Determined to build again, the members chose a spot in town and completed a new church in 1916. The small white church with a high bell tower was a landmark in Flasher for years. Until a recent move to downtown Flasher, the building served the United Church of Christ members for over 80 years.

Dakota Datebook by Jill Whitcomb

Source: Flasher Centennial History book 1902-2002