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Battle of Little Bighorn Anniversary


The defeat of General Custer in 1876 was the high-water mark for Plains Indian warfare, but it also marked the end of the nomadic lifestyle. Within six years, Sitting Bull, the spiritual leader, had surrendered, and most of the tribes on the Northern Plains had been settled upon reservations. The March of Civilization had advanced westward, well beyond the banks of the Missouri River.

On this date in 1886, preparations had been completed to mark the tenth anniversary of the Battle of the Little Bighorn. Many survivors returned to the battlefield including Major Benteen, Dr. Porter, Captains McDougal and Godfrey, but notable among the dignitaries was Gall, the Hunkpapa leader who returned to the scene of his greatest victory to provide details of the battle.

Dakota Datebook written by Jim Davis

Source: The Bismarck Daily Tribune June 25, 1886