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July 23, 2023: The Civic Standard

Terry J. Allen

Sunday, July 23, at 5pm:

Tune in to hear The Civic Standard, a new episode from the Rumble Strip podcast.

About the episode
Rose Friedman and Tara Reese were in the early stages of starting the Civic Standard, an organization that wasn’t exactly a community center and wasn’t exactly an arts organization but a strange combination of both. Its primary mission would be to give the people of Hardwick excuses to get together. Rose and Tara were explaining this idea to Brenda at a baseball game up at the high school in Hardwick and Brenda said that what she really wanted was for them to make a mystery dinner theater show. Nobody really thought that this would happen. Mystery dinner theater shows are set in Little Italy in the 20s or mansions in France—and Rose wasn’t interested in any of that.

But then Rose had an idea. What if the murder mystery was set in Hardwick? Actually, what if it was set at a really boring development review board meeting in Hardwick, which is the sort of meeting everyone around here feels totally at home in, including people who have never been to a play?

This is a show about the making of Developed to Death, a play that was written by people around Hardwick, about the people of Hardwick, and for the people of Hardwick. It is part theater, part social science project, and in it…someone gets murdered.

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