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  • This Sunday at 5pm: Travel to Mexico's Gulf of California — one of the most biodiverse places on the planet — to see what a porpoise (the Vaquita), a fish (the totoaba) whose bladder fetches tens of thousands of dollars on the black market, and the highly desirable colossal shrimp tell us about the complicated world of fishing.
  • The two-part series Delivered opens up conversations about the under-discussed parts of pregnancy and childbirth, from the stigma around postpartum bodies to the mental health challenges experienced by non-birthing parents.
  • This Sunday at 5pm, the new episode of Why? explores "Consolation, Solace, and Leadership" with guest Michael Ignatieff.
  • Sunday at 5pm: We need to electrify transportation if we’re going to avoid climate catastrophe. Will we make it in time?
  • Sunday at 5pm: Join Call to Mind host Kimberly Adams for Seeking Connection, a 1-hour broadcast special exploring the relationship between loneliness, mental health, and the power of social connections.
  • This Sunday on the new episode of Why?: “The Philosophy of Depression” with Andrew Solomon, a writer on politics, culture and psychology. Solomon wrote “The Noonday Demon: An Atlas of Depression,” which won the 2001 National Book Award, was a finalist for the 2002 Pulitzer Prize, and was included in The Times list of one hundred best books of the decade.
  • This week on Prairie Public Presents: How one man carried out the greatest art heist in history — the looting of Cambodia’s entire cultural heritage — with the aid of Western academics, dealers and curators. This is the story the art world doesn’t want told.
  • This Sunday on Prairie Public Presents, the story of WHER, the first all-girl radio station in the nation. The station went on the air in Memphis on October 29, 1955.
  • This week on Prairie Public Presents, the new episode of Why? Philosophical Discussions About Everyday Life. In a special episode, Jack visits with four of his students about what it's like to study philosophy.
  • This week on Prairie Public Presents: What does it mean to be 'Black enough'?