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The Milk Carton Kids on "Prologue 10th Anniversary Edition"

Rachel Kramer
CC BY 2.0

The Milk Carton Kids — Kenneth Pattengale and Joey Ryan — is a folk duo known for their harmonies, guitar playing, and stage banter. The group's newest project is a look back at their 2011 debut album, "Prologue," which went on to achieve high acclaim from critics and music lovers alike.

To celebrate the album’s 10th anniversary, they’ve put together a box set comprised of three LPs, including a lot of previously unreleased material, plus a 32-page booklet featuring archival photos and a retrospective essay by author Kim Ruehl.

Listen above to hear Joey Ryan and Kenneth Pattengale talk about "Prologue 10th Anniversary Edition," in a segment from The Great American Folk Show: Episode 21.

Songs played:
The Milk Carton Kids, “New York” (Live from Lincoln Theatre)
The Milk Carton Kids, “Michigan” (First-Ever Live Performance)

Prologue 10th Anniversary Edition is out now on Milk Carton Kids Records.

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