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Leewana Thomas

  • One of the main characters in the film “The Harder They Fall” is a cowboy named Nat Love. He, like the other characters in the film, was a real person.
  • It was early May in 1960 that the northernmost stretch of I-29 was dedicated. It was the first US Interstate to connect to an international border. But even though the stretch was dedicated, it still wasn't ready. It would take seventeen more years for the highway to be completed.
  • On this date in 1968, just over two weeks after the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King’s assassination, telephone workers in North Dakota and across the country were out on strike. When Dr. King died, he was in Memphis to support striking sanitation workers. He believed that workers rights and racial justice were “closely intertwined.” The telephone workers’ strike had been postponed a week to give space in the wake of Dr. King’s assassination.