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New Year’s Eve

  • New Year’s Eve, 1885, at the Williamsport Schoolhouse, Emmons County, the crowd was less than expected on account of rough weather, but all that was promised as far as community and conviviality. Thirty-some neighbors answered the call of Dan Williams for a night of festivity.
  • Normally, a New Year’s Eve observance means nighttime partying, silly hats, and cautious expectations about hangovers at dawn’s early light. But many…
  • Although North Dakota entered the United States as a dry state in 1889, that didn't stop the flow of alcohol. In Bismarck, blind pigs, saloons, and other…
  • Traditions for New Year’s Eve in North Dakota have varied widely over the years. For many towns, the date has been wild. In Hague, North Dakota, several…