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John James Audubon

Common Yellowthroat

Aug 1, 2020


Here is a bit of a description of a bird from John James Audubon’s Birds of America:  “The notes of this little bird render it more conspicuous than most of its genus, for although they cannot be called very musical, they are far from being unpleasant, and are uttered so frequently during the day, that one, in walking along the briary ranges of the fences, is almost necessarily brought to listen to its whitititee, repeated three or four times every five or six minutes…”


Jul 4, 2020


You might be surprised to know that John James Audubon spent a goodly part of the summer of 1843 in North Dakota in and around Fort Union Trading Post.  As you might expect he and his associates spent much of their time documenting the flora and fauna of the area.