Nels Forsman on Meteorites ~ Fargo Film Festival ~ Chef Rosey on Sunflower Seeds

Mar 2, 2017

The Colgate meteorite is the biggest ever found in North Dakota at a whopping 84 pounds. UND assistant professor Nels Forsman, originally identified the rock as a meteorite back in 1999, and now he’s taking a look inside. Forsman, joins us to discuss meteorites in North Dakota, which happens to be the name of a publication he co-authored. ~~~ Fargo Film Festival director Emily Beck is John Harris’s guest in this excerpt from Friday’s Prairie Pulse television show. The festival begins on March 21st. ~~~ Day two of our Women’s History Month feature from PRX called “Uppity Women in History.” Today we hear the story of Elizabeth Veale Macarthur. ~~~ Chef Rosey is here with this week’s food topic, sunflower seeds. ~~~ Ashley and Erik Deatherage have our What’s Happening calendar of events.