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Dave Thompson / Prairie Public

Representatives of the state Health Department say if the medical marijuana measure passes, it would be costly to administer and enforce.

It’s measure 5 on the November ballot.

Deputy state Health Officer Arvy Smith told the Legislative Management Committee – start-up costs would be about $1.4 million dollars. That would be for the remainder of the current two year budget period, which expires next June 30th. As for the upcoming two years,

Dave Thompson / Prairie Public

The state’s Office of Management and Budget said an initiated Constitutional measure on the November ballot would cost North Dakota taxpayers nearly $4 million in the 2017-2019 biennium.

The measure – dubbed “Marsy’s Law” – would put rights of crime victims in the Constitution.

That estimate was given to the Legislative Management Committee – and it will be posted to the Secretary of State’s Website. OMB also said if it passes, it would cost $1.1 million to implement in the remainder of the current two year budget period.

Courtesy ND Legislature

The chairman of the Legislature’s interim Higher Education committee said the University System, like all of state government, has to face reality.

"Clearly, we are in a cost-containment time frame now," Rep Mark Sanford (R-Grand Forks) told the state Board of Higher Education Thursday. Sanford said he believes the system would still be in a cost-containment time even if the state’s budget looked like it did five years ago – during the oil boom.

Studio Crawl Preview: Metal Artist Karman Rheault

15 hours ago
John Corley

Have you ever heard the phrase, “to cut something like a hot knife through butter?” We often use it to refer to something as being easy. But what if we replaced butter with steel? And instead of a knife, it was a device that can reach 30,000 degrees. If steel is combined with those 30,000 degrees, the effect will be the same as if it was a hot knife through butter. Karman Rheault (ROW) has harnessed that intense heat and uses it to create artwork out of metal.

Pipeline Drama Casts Shadow Over Oil Industry

15 hours ago
Amy Sisk



The Obama Administration’s decision to temporarily halt construction on part of the 1,200-mile Dakota Access Pipeline has the oil industry on edge.

It was evident at the North Dakota Petroleum Council’s annual meeting, where the pipeline protests cast a shadow over an industry struggling amid low oil prices.

West Fargo's Dauwen named North Dakota Teacher of the Year

18 hours ago

An algebra teacher in West Fargo has been named North Dakota's Teacher of the Year for 2017.

Nancy Dauwen teaches Algebra I and II at Sheyenne High School in West Fargo. Governor Jack Dalrymple and State School Superintendent Kirsten Baesler presented Dauwen with the Teacher of the Year award this afternoon in the Sheyenne Mustangs gymnasium in front of hundreds of high school students.

State revenues for August were lower than the budget forecast.

The revenues were $9 million below forecast. Since fiscal 2017 started in July, net revenues are down $7.5 million.

"I think we can all say we had hoped we would have done a little better this month than we did," the chairman of the Legislature's interim Goverment Finance Committee, Rep. Jeff Delzer (R-Underwood) said at a meeting Wednesday.

Studio Crawl Preview: Glass Artist Jodi Peterson

Sep 28, 2016
John Corley

If you’re wearing jewelry, look closely, it may have glass beads on it. Some may be smooth, others with grooves. Glass beads can have one color, others multicolored. But have you ever stopped and wondered how they were actually made?

Jodi Peterson is a glass artist in Moorhead and, she creates her art under the name Wolf Nest Glass Studios. She is making a glass bead, like the ones on jewelry, and it’s being made from the searing hot flames of mapp gas.

North Dakota Insurance Commissioner Debate

Sep 27, 2016

Three person debate for North Dakota Insurance Commissioner between  Jon Godfread (R),  Ruth Buffalo (D), and  Nick Bata (L).  You can also see this debate on television, Friday, October 7 at 8:30 pm Central on Prairie Public, with support from AARP.

Studio Crawl Preview: Painter Cheryl Cassman

Sep 27, 2016
John Corley

For some of us art is innate. We have the ability to take a blank canvas, use our imagination, and make something come alive on it. But many more of us don’t have that ability. We may have tried once or twice but find the creative process difficult and give up. Now imagine creating something partially blind.

So, how can you create a painting when you can’t really see what you’re doing?


News from NPR

Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump renewed his attacks on a former Miss Universe winner Friday, heedless of the possible fallout with women and Latino voters.

In a series of early-morning tweets, Trump criticized Alicia Machado as "my worst Miss U." and described her as "disgusting."

Machado, who is now a telenovela actress, burst into political headlines during Monday's presidential debate, when Hillary Clinton described the way Trump had criticized the beauty contestant years ago for gaining weight after the pageant.

Anti-mafia police in Naples, Italy, have recovered two paintings by Vincent van Gogh that were stolen from a museum in Amsterdam more than a decade ago.

The Van Gogh Museum announced Friday that a curator inspected the two works, at the request of Italian authorities, and "drew a firm conclusion: 'They are the real paintings!' "

Job Filled. Swiss Locale Needed A Hermit

3 hours ago
Copyright 2016 NPR. To see more, visit http://www.npr.org/.

Copyright 2016 NPR. To see more, visit http://www.npr.org/.

Copyright 2016 NPR. To see more, visit http://www.npr.org/.

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