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NDSU: Enthusiasm and Optimism

5 hours ago

In delivering his annual State of the University address, NDSU President Dean Bresciani says there have been a lot of achievements made in recent years at NDSU, but it is not time to declare victory.

North Dakota University System Chancellor Mark Hagerott spent the first few months on the job on what he called a “listening tour.”

Hagerott says he wanted to hear about any concerns or ideas about the state’s 11 public colleges. He started with Legislators, then met with business leaders – and once school started, he’s been talking with faculty and staff at the colleges.

Hagerott told the Legislature’s interim Government Finance Committee he’s concerned about faculty turnover.

AARP launches 'fraud watch' network

Oct 8, 2015

AARP has launched a “Fraud Watch” network.

It's designed to help combat the growing fraud problem some senior citizens have experienced -- including such things as identity theft.

AARP held a training session in Bismarck for about 20 volunteers. They, in turn, will talk to their friends and neighbors about preventing fraud.

The Director of the North Dakota Trade Office says he is encouraged by what he is learning about the newly developed Trans-Pacific Partnership.  Reporter Todd McDonald has details...

Capitol cleaning

Oct 6, 2015
Dave Thompson / Prairie Public

If you drive by the state Capitol building in Bismarck, you may have noticed work being done to the face of the building.

"We have a firm that has removed the joint material between the limestone panels," said John Boyle, the state facilities manager. "They've replaced some panels, and repaired others."

Boyle says workers will be finished with that in a week or two.

“And then this spring, that firm is coming back to clean all the limestone,” Boyle said. And he said the caulking is being replaced with mortar.

'Take Back the Night' event at the state Capitol

Oct 6, 2015
Dave Thompson / Prairie Public

Advocates for victims of domestic violence held their annual “Take Back The Night” rally at the state Capitol in Bismarck.

But this rally was different. Instead of marching around the Capitol mall, shouting slogans, those who attended held a silent protest along the street in front of the Capitol.

The discovery of a dead bald eagle at a western North Dakota wind farm has prompted a member of the North Dakota Public Service Commission to wonder whether the rules for siting wind farms need to be tweaked.

The bird was found this summer at the Bison One wind farm on Mercer County.

"May particular concern is to make sure we understand what we should be doing in cases going forward on siting these wind farms, to make sure we don't cause problems for these eagles," said Commissioner Brian Kalk. "The death of a bald eagle is unacceptable."

Health Department pushing flu vaccine

Oct 2, 2015
Dave Thompson / Prairie Public

The state Health Department is again urging people to get their flu vaccines.

The Department says plenty of vaccine will be available.

"The last flu season was especially bad," said Health Department epidemiologist Jill Baber. "It had the highest number of reported cases on record -- 6,443 cases. We identified 275 hospitalizations and 54 deaths."

Baber says last season’s vaccine didn’t quite match the strains of flu that were circulating – but for people who got it, the vaccination helped keep the seriousness in-check.

Dave Thompson / Prairie Public

The president of Valley City State University says it is an “amazing” institution.

Tisa Mason was formally inaugurated Thursday. She’s been in the job since December.

"I've had an opportunity to get to know the faculty, staff and students on a much deeper level, as well as the community," said Mason. "I find we walk our talk. And our talk is is all about the community supporting the university, as well as really being student-centered."

When The Red Runs Dry.

Oct 1, 2015

Population and industry growth in the Red River Valley has put strains on water resources in the best of times. The General Manager of the Garrison Diversion Conservancy District says if the region should fall into a severe drought those problems would increase dramatically. Duane DeKrey says the effort to bring water from central North Dakota to the east is continuing. He says the Red River Water Supply Project is now estimated at One-Billion dollars, with work not getting underway until at least 2019.


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