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Schneider on ACA: keep what works, fix what doesn't

11 hours ago

Democratic U.S. House candidate Mac Schneider says if elected, he plans to work on preserving health care gains North Dakota has experienced under the Affordable Care Act.

Dave Thompson / Prairie Public

Members of the group “North Dakotans for Public Integrity” submitted petitions Monday to place what the group calls the "Anti-Corruption Amendment" to the state Constitution on the November ballot.

The group needed 26,904 valid signatures to get the measure on the ballot.

"I'm honored to announce that over 38,000 petitioners are on the record to place the North Dakota Anti-Corruption amendment on the November ballot," the group's co-chair, Ellen Chaffee, told a rally on the state Capitol steps in Bismarck.

First West Nile human case reported in ND

13 hours ago

North Dakota has its first human case of West Nile Virus this season.

It’s an earlier start to the season.

"Normally, we see West Nile coming out about July or so," said Jenny Gailbraith of the North Dakota Health Department. "It doesn't mean the season is going to be any worse or better. But it's a reminder for people to wear your mosquito repellant."

Galbraith said the person contracting the disease lives in Ramsey County. That person was not hospitalized.

"They just had more of the mild symptoms, like a fever or rash," Gailbraith said.

Recycling growing in North Dakota

13 hours ago

Recycling is growing in North Dakota cities.

North Dakota Health Department waste management director Chris Hyatt said about a dozen cities have some kind of recycle program. Hyatt said the real growth in it started during the oil boom.

"People came into the communities in our state from other places," Hyatt said. "They were interested in recycling."

Hyatt said there was a big push from the public then to see more recycling happen.

"I think that's going to continue into the future," Hyatt said.

Hyatt said the cities have some different programs.

ND Lottery goes mobile

Jun 13, 2018

If you play the Lottery in North Dakota, there’s now an “app” for that.

The North Dakota Lottery now has a mobile app for “Players Club” members.

"With technology nowadays, people are always on their phones," said state lottery director Ryan Koppy. "It's a great way to enhance the lottery experience."

Koppy said the app offers features such as a Retailer Locator, scanning ability to check winning numbers, instant access to promotions and other special offers. And Koppy said you can buy numbers with a “Pick and Click” feature.

Dickinson to make changes to its recycling program

Jun 13, 2018

Dickinson will be making some changes in its recycling program.

"Our end goal this fall is to do curbside, single-stream recycling," said Dickinson recycling coordinator Rachel Shumaker.

Shumaker said the plan is to have each household with its own recycling can.

"It's the same size as your garbage can," Shumaker said. "And with that, you are able to put your recyclables in there, and it will be picked up every other week."

Shumaker said for Dickinson residents, it means plastics, fibers and metals. Right now, glass isn’t included.

Government of Canada

Canada’s minister of infrastructure and communities is he’s hoping negotiations on the North American Free Trade Agreement will strengthen what’s already in place.

Amarjeet Sohi was in Bismarck to speak to the local Chamber of Commerce.

"We are hopeful we will be able to negotiate a NAFTA that works for everyone and will continue to enhance our shared prosperity," Sohi said in an interview with Prairie Public.

'Rare earth' elements could be a boon for North Dakota

Jun 12, 2018

There’s a lot of interest in what are called “rare earth elements.”

They have been found in North Dakota’s lignite deposits.

"They're 14 different elements," said North Dakota state geologist Ed Murphy. "They make very strong, and relatively small, magnets."

Murphy said they're used in things such as cell phones, solar technology and wind turbines.

"Every time we go out, we find a little bit higher levels of those rare earth elements," Murphy said. "We have found the highest concentration of those elements in coal in the nation."

Highway funding option: 'Property Tax'

Jun 8, 2018
Dave Thompson / Prairie Public

The chief financial officer of the North Dakota Department of Transportation told a Legislative interim committee transportation funding is recovering from the economic downturn in the oil and agriculture industries.

"In fact, we are slightly ahead of projections," Shannon Sauer told the interim Government Services Committee.

The projection for the 2019-2021 biennium is $1.29 billion in total transportation revenue. That’s up from $1.27 billion in the current two year period.

But federal highway funding is remaining flat.

West Nile Virus season is upon us

Jun 8, 2018
Dave Thompson / Prairie Public

With summer comes mosquitoes – and that could mean West Nile Virus.

That mosquito-borne disease has been reported in North Dakota since 2002. The state Health Department says while most people will either have no symptoms, or a mild case of the disease, there are some who will develop West Nile neuro-invasive disease, which can cause high fever, severe headache, stiff neck, altered mental status – and death.


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North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un Visits China

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North Korean leader Kim Jong Un arrived Tuesday in Beijing where he will spend two days, according to Chinese state media.

Xinhua announced his visit after reports of an Air Koryo flight, the North Korean state-run airline, was due to land in the Chinese capital. Kim's previous travels to China were not announced or publicized until after he had left, and the visit had concluded. This is Kim's second plane ride to China, according to NPR's Anthony Kuhn. Previously Kim had also traveled to China via armored-train.

More than 115 Americans are dying every day from an opioid overdose. But a study out Monday finds that just three in 10 patients revived by an EMT or in an emergency room received the follow-up medication known to avoid another life-threatening event.

A summer already full of high-profile hip-hop releases just got hotter. NPR Music's Ann Powers and Rodney Carmichael break down the surprise release of Jay-Z and Beyoncé's joint album, Everything Is Love, and explore how it sounds both on its own and compared to the competition.

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It's been a decade since the financial crisis drove up the unemployment rate in the U.S. and forced people in the prime of their careers to give up looking for work.

Even today, as employers add jobs at a furious pace, the workforce participation rate still hasn't recovered. And now researchers think they know one reason why: the opioid crisis.

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