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Die Fledermaus Bubbles at the FM Opera

20 seconds ago

David Hamilton talks about FM Opera's October, 2017 production of  Die Fledermaus by Johann Strauss.  He talks with Director Eric Gibson, Christopher Burchett (Eisenstein), Julia Lamon (Adele) and Elizabeth Lewis (Rosalinda)Hear some excerpts from the music, discussion of characters, the nature of operetta, and the ditzy plot. More at the F-M Opera web site.

Indian Country Media Network

The North Dakota Native American Hall of Honor inducted six new honorees in September. In one case, an entire team is the honoree. Here’s the story from Makoche studios on The Fort Yates Warriors “Miracle Team,” which won the Class A Basketball championship in 1973.

Cramer holds tax reform roundtable

10 hours ago
Dave Thompson / Prairie Public

North Dakota Congressman Kevin Cramer has been holding a series of roundtable meetings across the state – gathering feedback about the potential for tax reform and relief.

One such roundtable was held Tuesday (10-17-17) in Bismarck.

Cramer said while the House is ready to pass a tax reform bill, there’s still some uncertainty in the Senate.

UND to sell former Road King Inn

10 hours ago

UND will be selling a hotel that it purchased and converted to overflow student housing.

It’s called “Dakota Hall.” But at one time it was the Road King Inn.

"It was acquired at the peak of residence hall occupnacies," University System director of Facilities Planning Rick Tonder told the Board of Higher Education's Budget and Finance Committee. "Now they no longer need the facility."

Tonder said UND wants to market it and sell it.

Before it is sold, it will have to be appraised.

Pipeline company gives to emergency responders

18 hours ago
Amy Sisk / Prairie Public

The company behind the Dakota Access Pipeline stopped in Mandan on Tuesday evening as part of an effort to donate to emergency management departments in all four states the pipeline crosses.


Officials from three counties gathered at the Mandan Rural Fire Department with a handful of employees from Energy Transfer Partners to receive checks from the company for $20,000.


The pipeline company is donating $1 million to emergency responders across the Dakotas, Iowa and Illinois.


Annual Governor's photo contest winners announced

Oct 17, 2017
Dave Thompson / Prairie Public

A contest that has been going for 14 years.

The winners of the annual North Dakota Governor’s Photo Contest were honored at a state Capitol ceremony.

"With North Dakota's amazing topography, stunning landscapes and great wildlife, and beautiful people, this is a great opportunity to capture all of the best that North Dakota has," said Gov. Doug Burgum.

A 51 year old Bismarck man faces charges in connection with an assault on a Bismarck police officer Sunday.

That assault happened at the Bismarck Motor Motel on East Main Avenue.

Shortly before 10 am, the officer arrived – and before he could get out his squad car, the officer was attacked. The complaint alleges Donald Miller, whose last known address is Bismarck, punched the officer in the head and gouged his eyes. The officer tried to tase the subject, but that failed – so the officer shot the suspect in the abdomen.

North Dakota’s Insurance Commissioner said President Trump’s decision to end health insurer subsides under the Affordable Care Act could mean health insurance premiums going up.

The payments are called “Cost Sharing Reductions.” They go to insurance companies to help reduce the premiums paid by lower income people buying health insurance on the ACA marketplace.

Amy Sisk / Inside Energy


Battles over oil pipelines and oil trains usually focus on the risks of accidents and spills, but a new study finds that air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions from oil transportation take a greater financial toll.

Bismarck police officer attacked, shot attacker

Oct 15, 2017

A Bismarck police officer was involved in an altercation Sunday morning in which he shot a man who had attacked him.

Bismarck Police Chief Dan Donlin said the officer went to the Bismarck Motor Motel on east Main Avenue shortly before 10 am to follow-up an unrelated call.

"When the officer arrived in the parking lot, and before he could get out of his squad car, he was suddenly attacked by a male subject," Donlin said in a Facebook video. "He punched the officer repeatedly in the head, and started to gouge the officer's eyes, while the officer was still in the car."


News from NPR

Four American soldiers were killed in action in Niger this month.

Their deaths made a few headlines at the time. But this week they are in the news again, with far more prominence, because of a bitter political debate over presidential condolence calls.

The sudden prominence of the soldiers' deaths — but in a way that highlights political tension and factual disputes, rather than honoring of sacrifice — has left some military advocates struggling for words and striving to redirect attention back to the original loss.

Copyright 2017 NPR. To see more, visit http://www.npr.org/.

Copyright 2017 NPR. To see more, visit http://www.npr.org/.

Copyright 2017 NPR. To see more, visit http://www.npr.org/.

Copyright 2017 NPR. To see more, visit http://www.npr.org/.

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