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Magic Tap Cloggers Filmmaker Paul Brenno

4 hours ago
Paul Brenno

A conversation with Minot-based filmmaker Paul Brenno about his award-winning documentary, Magic Tap Cloggers. It centers around the women learning clogging at The Dance Company of Minot. 

ND University System

The North Dakota University System is seeing growth in the use of “open educational resources.”

"In its simplest form, it's electronic versions of textbooks," said NDUS vice-chancellor for academic and student affairs Richard Rothaus. "But its more exciting form includes multi-media, video simulations, games, links to historic documents -- the whole gamut of pulling in what is out there that is available and free."

Rothaus said the Legislature invested $100,000 in promoting the use of OER in college classes.

The leader of a group to put a measure on the ballot to repeal North Dakota’s Sunday “blue law” says his group is on track to make its goal.

Brandon Medenwald is a Fargo businessman who heads “North Dakota Open on Sundays.” He wants to get rid of the law that now prohibits most retailers from being open before noon Sundays.

"We've been out now for about 8 or 9 weeks,'" Medenwald said. "If I had to guess, we're somewhere between 12 and 15 percent completed."

The issue was brought up in the 2017 Legislature. It passed the House, but was rejected in the Senate.

Dave Thompson / Prairie Public

It was a number of years in the making – but MDU will be bringing natural gas to the Bobcat plant in Gwinner.

MDU will build a 21 mile pipeline from the existing Alliance pipeline – and that will bring natural gas to Gwinner,  Milnor and other cities in Sargent County. Bobcat has signed a 15 year agreement to use the natural gas.

“This was a bridge too far,” Doosan Bobcat North America President Rich Goldsbury said during a ceremony at the Bobcat plant in Gwinner. “This was something we didn’t think we could make happen. But, god darn it, we got it to happen.”

Sanford Medical Center

Nearly two-months into full operations at Fargo’s new Sanford Medical Center officials are reporting record numbers of patients being served. Prairie Public's Todd McDonald has details...

Excerpt from “Prairie Memories: The Vietnam War Years"

Sep 21, 2017

We hear from veteran William Bitz, who had to escort home the body of a friend and fallen soldier.

Shou Shu Martial Arts

Sep 21, 2017
From Shou Shu Martial Arts School

Most martial arts are built for male bodies. Main Street’s Ashley Thornberg took a martial arts class that puts women’s biology front and center.

Thursday, September 21 – Filmmaker Ellen Snortland joins us to discuss “Beauty Bites Beast,” a documentary about the complicated issue of ending violence against women and girls. It’s screening next week in Grand Forks. A class at UND is featured in the film. ~~~ Ashley Thorberg shares a report about shou shu, a lesser known martial art. Alexis Potter recently opened a shou shu studio in Moorhead, where she teaches kids and women self defense.

Photo by Creative Commons

We’re coming up on a holiday for the grammar lovers. Sunday is National Punctuation Day. From the humble period, to the workhorse comma, and the inquisitive question mark, punctuation plays a major role in our lives. Erin Karl is the life-long grammar enthusiast behind the teaching program Analytical Grammar and its Facebook page. She spoke with Main Street’s Ashley Thornberg from her home in North Carolina.

Dave Thompson / Prairie Public

The Public Service Commission and the owners of the Dakota Access Pipeline have reached a settlement over some reported problems with the company following the siting permit the PSC issued for the pipeline.

The problems included taking out more trees and shrubs along the route than outlined in the permit. Also, Energy Transfer Partners re-routed a part of the line away from cultural resources. The company notified the State Historic Preservation Office, but did not tell the PSC.


News from NPR

When Hurricane Maria raked Puerto Rico last week as a Category 4 storm, it cut off electricity and communications island-wide, including at the Arecibo Observatory, one of the world's largest radio telescopes.

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The latest Republican push to repeal key parts of the Affordable Care Act appears to have met the fate of all previous Senate repeal efforts this year — it doesn't have the votes needed to pass the chamber.

Maine Sen. Susan Collins announced Monday that she will oppose the bill, authored by South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham and Louisiana Sen. Bill Cassidy. Collins' decision means three Republicans have now publicly said they are against the bill — and that is one more than the GOP could afford to lose.

The proposal the Senate is considering that would repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act would result in millions losing health insurance and a $133 billion reduction in the deficit by 2026, according to the Congressional Budget Office's report on the Graham-Cassidy legislation.

Irma Rivera Aviles, like nearly 200 others, are stuck at shelter in Cataño, Puerto Rico where conditions are getting worse daily. Nearly a week after Hurricane Maria rampaged through the country, she's desperately pleading for help, "The governor needs to come here and take a look at our critical situation" she says, "the bathrooms flooded and aren't working, sewage is overflowing, the generator is broken and we are here in the dark."

"We desperately need water, power and ice," she says.

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North Dakota Boomtown Book ~ Norsk Hostfest ~ Vietnam War Memories ~ Magic Tap Cloggers Documentary

Monday, September 25 – Blaire Briody has written “The New Wild West, black gold, fracking and life in a North Dakota Boomtown.” Briody teaches journalism at Santa Rosa Junior College. Her book release date is tomorrow the 26 th . ~~~ The Norsk Hostfest gets underway in Minot on Wednesday. Hostfest president David Reiten was John Harris’s guest recently on the Prairie Pulse television show. We share an excerpt. ~~~ In an excerpt from “Prairie Memories: the Vietnam War Years,” Kim Stenehjem...

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