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Opponents of “Common Core” educational standards have gone to court – to challenge North Dakota’s membership in the Smarter Balanced Consortium.

That consortium has written assessment tests based on Common Core.

An interim legislative committee will study the incentives North Dakota offers to new or expanding businesses – to see which ones work and which ones don’t.

The incentives often take the form of tax breaks.

State tax commissioner Ryan Rauschenberger formerly worked in the state Commerce Department. He says some of the incentives are necessary.

A major project is scheduled within the next two years for the US Highway Two bridge over the Red River between Grand Forks and East Grand Forks.

The bridge is called the Kennedy Bridge.

"There's a pier on the North Dakota side -- the main one that holds the truss up -- that is within an unstable slope area," said North Dakota Department of Transportation bridge management section chief Gary Doerr. "It's moving, inches per year, but it is moving. And the plan is to stabilize the pier or replace it."

  Friday, July 24 – Sunday marks the 25th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act. Here to discuss the act is Brenda Satrom, senior vocational rehabilitation counselor at the Northeast Human Service Center in Grand Forks. ~~~ Tom Isern has this week’s Plains Folk essay, “Pioneer Girl.” ~~~ News Director Dave Thompson stops by with this week’s discussion of the latest headlines. ~~~ Matt Olien reviews “Testament of Youth” and “Ant Man.”

ND bridges regularly inspected

Jul 24, 2015

North Dakota has more than 4800 bridges.

And they all are regularly inspected.

"They're inspected at least every two years," said Gary Doerr, the head of the bridge management section for the North Dakota Department of Transportation. "The ones in poorer condition are inspected more often."

Doerr says right now, the bridges that need to be in good condition are. Those are the ones on well-traveled roadways, and are on the state system. Doerr says on the county road system…

A federal appeals court has affirmed a lower court decision – striking down North Dakota’s ban on abortion after six weeks of pregnancy.

The law was considered the most restrictive in the country.

The 2013 law was dubbed the “fetal heartbeat bill.” Supporters say at six weeks, a heartbeat can be detected. There were no exceptions to the abortion ban for rape or incest. A federal judge in North Dakota ruled it unconstitutional – and now, the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals agreed.

Janet Crepps is the senior council with the Center for Reproductive Rights.

ND abortion ban at six weeks unconstitutional

Jul 22, 2015

A federal appeals court has upheld a lower court decision striking down a North Dakota law that  abortion rights activists called the most restrictive abortion law in the country.

The law banned abortions after the sixth week of pregnancy.

ND June jobless rate 3.2%

Jul 22, 2015

North Dakota’s June “not seasonally adjusted” unemployment rate was 3.2 percent.

It’s up slightly from May’s 2.8 percent.

"It's a completely normal effect," said Michael Ziesch with Job Service-North Dakota. "And that's purely an effect of entrance to the labor market looking for employment by recent college graduates and students looking for summer employment."

Ziesch says the report also reflects the slowdown in the oil industry.

Work Initiated on UND Collaborative Energy Complex

Jul 21, 2015
T.McDonald / Prairie Public

Officials at University of North Dakota have marked the start of construction for a 15-point-5 Million dollar project dubbed the “Collaborative Energy Complex.” Todd McDonald has details.

The state Health Department is investigating three e-coli cases in eastern North Dakota.

Health Department epidemiologist Michelle Feist says all three people are under 18 – and all attended the Red River Valley Fair in West Fargo. Feist says it appears they had contact with potentially infected animals.

“Even though there may be an animal that is healthy, they can shed e-coli in their stools," said Feist. "So there can be a risk in attending certain events where there are animals present.”


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