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Dave Thompson / Prairie Public

The director of behavioral health for the state Department of Human Services said alcoholism and drug addictions need to be treated as chronic health conditions.

Pamela Sagness said that underscores the need for community based treatment – to keep these kinds of offenders out of jail.

The interim Incarceration Issues Committee is looking at proposals to help reduce the prison population. And one way being suggested is to have community based treatment available.

Sagness told the Committee some North Dakota treatment programs need to be updated.

Courtesy ND Dept. of Transportation

Work continues to make US Highway 85 four-lane from Watford City to Williston.

State Transportation Director Grant Levi said for the most part, that project is going well. That is, except for the Long-X Bridge reconstruction.

"Unfortunately, that isn't going so well," Levi said.

An award for the Public Service Commission’s Abandoned Mine Lands program.

The federal Office of Surface Mining Reclamation and Enforcement has given the PSC its “Small Project Award” for a drilling and grouting project at the Halleck Mine, five miles north of Bowman.

The Halleck Mine was an underground mine, that was in operation between 1919 and 1944.

"The coal seam there was 30 to 40 feet thick, with only 10 to 50 feet of overburden," Commissioner Randy Christmann said. "So, obviously, that is going to cause sinkholes over time."

Pallid Sturgeon Passage or Problem?

Jul 22, 2016

A spokesman for Montana Trout Unlimited is asking the public to provide comment on plans by the Army Corps of Engineers and Bureau of Reclamation to build a new dam and diversion channel on the Yellowstone River in eastern Montana. David Brooks is Associate Director of Conservation for Montana Trout Unlimited. He says federal officials have proposed building a new dam at Intake, Montana to replace an existing dam. Brooks says a draft Environmental Impact Statement outlines how the dam could be constructed and still allow river passage for pallid sturgeon living in the Yellowstone…

Dave Thompson / Prairie Public

A representative of the National Conference of State Legislatures says although the new “Every Student Succeeds Act” is a lot more flexible than the “No Child Left Behind” program, there are still some requirements local schools will have to meet.

And the federal affairs counsel of the NCSL said state legislators will have to be involved, as the federal rules are written.

Lee Posey told the Legislature’s Interim Education Committee, Congress kept the concept of statewide assessments first outlined by No Child Left Behind.

Dave Thompson / Prairie Public

The state Director of Transportation says because of less miles traveled – and more fuel efficient cars – the amount of revenue generated by the state’s gas tax is down.

Grant Levi told the state Transportation Committee it’s dropped a lot just since 2015.

"In 2015, we were collecting $8.7 million per year for one cent og gas tax," Levi told the Committee.

North Dakota's total gas tax is 23 cents per gallon.

Legislators looking forward to special session

Jul 21, 2016

Lawmakers are eager to get to Bismarck for a special session of the legislature next month.

John Corley





It’s no secret that people in North Dakota drink plenty of beer. According to the Brewers Association, legal drinking North Dakotans drink more beer per capita than any other state except for New Hampshire. Despite the states affinity for beer, the movement for craft beer has become a more recent trend.

Three companies that were alleged to have violated North Dakota’s “Call-Before-You-Dig” law face fines, under what the Public Service Commission calls an “Order on Default.”

In other words, complaints were filed against the companies in question, and when PSC staff tried to contact them, there was no response.

R. J. Corman Derailment Services was fined $500. Kollman Construction faces a $1000 penalty. And Bulldog Concrete will have to pay $1500. All started digging before making that call.

Large wind farm project planned for Barnes County

Jul 21, 2016

A big new wind farm is proposed for Barnes County.

It would be 300 megawatts, and it would be called the “Glacier Ridge Wind Farm.” It would be on 34,450 acres about five miles northeast of Valley City. And it would consist of up to 87 turbines.

The North Dakota Public Service Commission has just received the application.


News from NPR

A reported abduction in Brazil is sending shock waves through the sporting world, as the mother-in law of Bernie Ecclestone, the billionaire who runs the Formula One Group, is apparently being held for ransom.

From Rio de Janeiro, NPR's Lulu Garcia-Navarro reports for our Newscast unit:

"Bernie Ecclestone is the head of the Formula One car racing franchise and one of the richest men in Britain. His wife is Brazilian, and her mother was apparently grabbed by criminals in Sao Paulo, who are asking for a $37 million ransom from the billionaire.

The trip had mechanical setbacks, and the plane's average speed would be legal on many American streets. But when the Solar Impulse aircraft touched down in Abu Dhabi in the early morning darkness Tuesday, it successfully completed a round-the-world voyage using only solar power.

Swiss pilots Bertrand Piccard and André Borschberg took turns flying the single-seat aircraft that began its trip on March 9 of 2015, flying more than 26,700 miles in a total of 17 stages (23 days) as they soared under the sun's power and then glided through the night.

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A 26-year-old man is under arrest for going on a rampage in an assisted care facility near Tokyo, in a shocking attack that's being called the worst mass killing in postwar Japan. Police say the man turned himself in after he killed 19 people and injured more than 20.

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