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The horses will stay in the Theodore Roosevelt National Park


Hold your horses…

The National Park Service has committed to keep wild horses at the Theodore Roosevelt National Park.

In 2022, the Park Service proposed removal of the horses. And since that announcement, several groups and the state’s Congressional delegation put pressure on the Service to maintain the herd.

"We've worked very hard on it," said Sen. John Hoeven (R_ND). "It's a good outcome."

Hoeven said he would continue to work to find the right number of horses for genetic diversity.

"People love seeing those horses in the park," Hoeven said. "And they're going to be able to do just that."

North Dakota Tourism director Sara Otte Coleman is glad the horses are staying.

"While we can't quantify that they drive visitors just for that reason, we know that they are beloved by visitors, residents and non-residents alike," Otte Coleman said. "It really helps set Theodore Roosevelt National Park apart from any other national park."

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