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Keeping wild horses and longhorn steers in the TR National Park

National Park Service

A resolution urging the federal Secretary of the Interior and the National Park Service to keep wild horses and longhorn steers in the Theodore Roosevelt National Park has passed the House.

The horses are in the South Unit, while the steers are in the North Unit.

The Park Service proposed removing those animals.

On the House Floor, Rep. Jay Fisher (R-Minot) urged the passage of Senate Concurrent Resolution 4014.

"This resolution expresses our Legislative intent, urging the US Department of the Interior to find a way to manage the wild horses and longhorn herd in a manner and size that protects the environmental integrity and capacity of the park," Fisher said. "For the wild horses, that supports the genetic diversity necessary for them to survive."

It passed on a voice vote. It goes back to the Senate, because the House added amendments.

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