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Dave Alvin's King of California Turns 25


A quarter century ago, Dave Alvin of LA roots punkers The Blasters made the transition from loud rocker to contemplative singer-songwriter, when he put out his panoramic solo masterpiece The King of California. Now, he celebrates with a 25th anniversary reissue that features a previously unreleased instrumental, a Merle Haggard cover and a lyric video for the title track that's chocked full of Golden State scenery. An emerging K-Pop scandal in South Korea has Psy ("Gangham Style") answering questions from police about a record mogul, who is accused of procuring sex workers for potential investors and supplying drugs to some of his artists. Twin Cities artist and rising hip-hip star Lizzo has accused a security guard at Milwaukee's Summerfest of racism after allegedly tackling to the ground two of her stylists. 

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