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On the West Fargo school superintedent's plate: Continued growth


The new West Fargo school superintendent is no stranger to the district.

Beth Slette has been with the district 24 years. She has been a teacher, coordinator, assistant principal, principal, director of assessments and as an assistant superintendent.

Slette said she’s seen a lot of growth over the years.

"Our growth is 500-600 students every year," Slette said in an interview.

Last year alone, the district hired 5 additional kindergarten teachers – along with a number of other staff.

"We like to say we are the 'District of Choice,'" Slette said. "The growth is a really great thing for our community."

But Slette said it does present a lot of different challenges.

"Determining where our new schools need to be," Slette said. "Also, determining boundaries and trying to predict where the growth is going to happen, and what kind of space we'll need to serve the children."

Voters in the West Fargo school district will be considering a $106.9 million bond issue in September.

That bond issue will include a new high school, a new middle school, security and safety improvements to schools and new specialty classrooms in the grade schools.

Slette said it will also include an addition at Harwood Elementary.

"Although it's a very small school, it's growing," Slette said. "Our small spaces and office spaces are all full. We actually have some classes that meet in the principal's office, because we're out of space."

There’s also a significant addition proposed for the Horace school. Slette said that expansion will allow Horace to become a "four-track" school.

"Currently, Horace has two sections per grade," Slette said. "It would be going to four sections per grade."

The bond issue needs 60 percent to pass. Slette said the information is on the West Fargo schools Web site, and there will be public meetings to explain the projects – and the need.