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Christmann: Infrastructure my top priority

The newly elected member of the Public Service Commission says he hopes to focus on building infrastructure – pipelines and power lines – to get North Dakota’s energy to market.

"I'm not talking about the state coming in and doing it," said Randy Christmann. "I'm talking about making it reasonable for investors to meet all the standards they're supposed to meet to get that infrastructure built out."

The PSC is in change of siting pipelines and power lines.

Christmann says he wants to make sure landowner rights are respected.

"It's not a matter of price anymore," said Christmann. "They're tired of dealing with something going on virtually all the time."

Christmann owns a ranch near Hazen.

"It's not even comparable to what people west and north of me have gone throught," said Christmann. "But I'm tired of infrastructure coming across."

Christmann says some of what he will do is to talk with the landowners about the advantages of oil and gas pipelines.

"They don't like the dust, they don't like the traffic," said Christmann. "But the landowners need to be properly taken care of."

Christmann takes his place on the PSC Jan. 1.

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