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New fracking rules won't slow down Bakken, said Helms

EPA has released new guidance on hydraulic fracturing.

And North Dakota Mineral Resource director Lynn Helms says they’re not as onerous as once thought.

Helms says the big item is – diesel fuel can no longer be used. But he says that isn’t a problem in the Bakken.

"There was a two year time span between the initial guidance coming out," said Helms. "During that time, the hydraulic fracturing industry developed alternatives to diesel fuel. They essentially eliminated all use of diesel fuel and kerosene from hydraulic fracturing."

Helms says he thinks the oil industry will be able to comply with the new EPA guidance on hydraulic fracturing.

"We don't anticipate that we'll end up with any significant slowdown," said Helms. "And we don't anticipate any legal action."

The 2013 Legislature set aside money for a potential lawsuit to challenge EPA fracking rules.

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