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'Restacking' means Xcel's ND customers won't have to pay for Mn mandates

North Dakota regulators call it “re-stacking.”

It’s part of the settlement in an electric rate case with Xcel Energy. Under the agreement, Xcel will make sure its North Dakota customers do not have to pay for renewable power generation to meet Minnesota mandates – if they don’t benefit from that power.

"Now our staff can sit down with Xcel and say, 'Okay -- these resources you're building to meet Minnesota mandates, North Dakota customers aren't going to pay for them," said North Dakota Public Service Commission chairman Brian Kalk. "If Minnesota wants to go to a 30 percent renewable mandate,  than that will be on the back of Minnesota residents."

Kalk says that re-stacking will directly benefit North Dakota customers. And Kalk says he thinks Xcel is being treated unfairly by Minnesota policy makers.

"Xcel has a 30 percent renewable goal, where the others in Minnesota don't," said Kalk. "Xcel has a solar mandate, wher ethe co-ops in Minnesota don't. The Minnesota Legislature not only sets up the policy for their state, they hold Xcel to the highest standard possible."

"We have a lot of work to do with Minnesota commissioners and policy makers regarding the costs that now can't be recovered in North Dakota," said Xcel Energy's David Sederquist. "We must make the case that these costs are recoverable in Minnesota because some of the costs stem from Minnesota policy."

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