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AARP: Social Security, Medicare should not be included in the budget talks

AARP says Social Security and Medicare should NOT be on the table – when Congress tries to work out a solution to the current budget stalemate.

Rather, the group says they should be part of a separate discussion.

AARP’s Josh Askvik delivered petitions with more than five thousand signatures to the Bismarck offices of the state’s Congressional delegation – saying that the current dispute over the budget and the debt ceiling should not contain cuts to either program.

"Social Security is self-financed," said Askvig. "There are no general fund revenues that go into it. And on the Medicare side, instead of talking about harmful cuts, we should be talking responsible solutions, or things that could make a difference and save some money in the program."

Askvik says thouse would be things like reducing prescription drug costs and reducing fraud and abuse in the system.

AARP says Social Security payments support 16-thousand jobs in North Dakota – and those payments create $2.5 billion in economic activity.