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Dickinson to make changes to its recycling program


Dickinson will be making some changes in its recycling program.

"Our end goal this fall is to do curbside, single-stream recycling," said Dickinson recycling coordinator Rachel Shumaker.

Shumaker said the plan is to have each household with its own recycling can.

"It's the same size as your garbage can," Shumaker said. "And with that, you are able to put your recyclables in there, and it will be picked up every other week."

Shumaker said for Dickinson residents, it means plastics, fibers and metals. Right now, glass isn’t included.

"We'll bring the recyclables back to our bailer building, where it will ge tcompacted," Shumaker said. "From there, it goes to a long-haul trucker, who will take it to Minneapolis."

Shumaker said Dickinson residents have wanted to see a better recycling program. She said currently, people can take cardboard, paper and lawn clippings to recycling sites.

"This should also cut down on the amount of garbage collected," Shumaker said.

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