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Making people aware of the dangers of 'boating under the influence'


North Dakota’s Game and Fish Department will participate in a national effort this upcoming weekend to make people aware of the dangers of boating under the influence.

It’s called “Operation Dry Water.”

"Because we don't have any additional manpower, per se, to add to the weekend, we just make sure that those officers that are working have their focus primarily on boat and water safety and getting the boat drivers that are impaired off the water," said Game and Fish enforcement operations supervisor Jackie Lundstrom.

Lundstrom said between 12 and 24 boaters are arrested every year. She said last year, there were four boating fatalities – and all involved alcohol. She said three of those had blood alcohol levels over .10.

"In North Dakota, for boating under the influence, it is a .10 standard," Lundstrom said. "That's unlike driving under the influence, which is a .08."

This is the second year North Dakota Game and Fish is participating.