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More West Nile Cases in North Dakota

The number of reported West Nile cases in North Dakota is up compared to last year.

Alicia Lepp is an epidemiologist for the North Dakota Department of Health. She said there are 17 cases in the state so far. Last year there were four cases.

"Mid-August tends to be the peak of West Nile Virus activity. Generally the mosquito that transmits West Nile Virus, the Culex Mosquito, hits its peak numbers in late July to early August," Lepp said. "We'll generally see the peak of cases after we see those mosquito peaks."

People with West Nile will generally experience flu like symptoms such as headaches, fever and sore muscles. More serious cases cause symptoms such as having a stiff neck and mental confusion.

Lepp recommends for any person experiencing such symptoms to seek medical attention.

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