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Sailors Visit Children's Hospital

Jordee Kalk
Prairie Public

Kids at Sanford Children’s Hospital in Bismarck received sailor hats and other Navy mementos. It’s part of the Caps for Kids Event that is sponsored by the U.S. Navy to raise the spirits of kids fighting serious illnesses.

Jeffrey Shirley is a Petty Officer with the U.S. Navy. He is stationed in Fargo. He spent time playing with the kids in the hospital.

“My favorite part is making them laugh by far,” Shirley said. “They struggle, they fight. Just to be able to make them laugh, with so many other things that happen, that’s just the greatest thing.”

Brandi Sneider is the mom of 18-month old Dominik. She said her son enjoyed playing with Shirley before he went into surgery.

“He’s getting tubes in his ears for sure. And the doctor says once she gets him under possible tonsils and adenoids taken out,” Sneider said.

Sneider said she is nervous for Dominik but said he was taking all the doctor visits well.

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