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Red River Diversion Raising Questions

The Chairman of the Red River Diversion Authority says additional meetings with Minnesota leaders may be in order to make sure everyone understands the diversion project. Daryl Vanyo says he is puzzled by recent comments by state lawmakers and Governor Dayton – Dayton recently issued a letter saying while the project would bring great benefit to North Dakota, it would damage property in Minnesota – and that would be unacceptable. Vanyo says the actions raise questions with him…

“… I guess the Governor and others can certainly have their opinions like anyone else and I don’t take issue with that, nor do I want to feud with someone, but I just some difficulty of understanding why now?”

Vanyo says one possible step could be to have the Governor meet with the Army Corps of Engineers to discuss the project and what steps are planned to mitigate any damages. Vanyo says the impacts have been understood for three-years, but it’s important for everyone to be fully up to speed on the project.

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