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Burleigh auditor frustrated voters were turned away

The Burleigh County Auditor says there is an "inherent problem" with voter requirements in North Dakota.

Kevin Glatt says before the new voter ID law took effect, DOT records were initially the source of proof of residency that could be followed up with other information, such as a utility bill.  With the new voter ID law now in effect Glatt says utility bills are no longer acceptable proof, making the information possessed by DOT the only acceptable information to prove residency.  He says Burleigh County updated its poll book in time for the election to be in compliance with the new law, but some voters were turned away on Election Day.

"We have, I believe, an inherent problem here in that DOT is the gatekeeper of elections.  There were a number of people throughout Burleigh county at the various precincts, that because they did not have proper identification, updated identification, that unfortunately were turned away.  And I'm not happy with that at all.  It's not right.  It's not good."

Glatt says if a voter cannot prove they have lived at their address for at least 30 days, they are instructed to go vote at their previous precinct whether that precinct is across town, or across the state.

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