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'We Support the Badge' effort begins in Bismarck-Mandan

Dave Thompson
Prairie Public

Credit Dave Thompson / Prairie Public
Prairie Public

An effort has begun in the Bismarck-Mandan area to help law enforcement agencies recruit young people into the profession.

It’s called “We Support the Badge.”

"We are going to go out into the community, and we are going to build a grass roots effort to support law enforcement," said Harley Engelmann, director of PRIMS -- a non-profit organization spearheading the effort. "2015 was a difficult year for law enforcement. In many cases, they have become disrespected and reviled. But not here -- and not now."

Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem says recruitment is a key issue.

"I head up the Bureau of Criminal Investigation in North Dakota," said Stenehjem. "There are many other law enoircement people here, and they will tell you -- one of the critical challenges they have is to recruit and retain good, top-notch professionals."

Engelmann says over the next three years, his organization will try to raise $750,000 from Bismarck-Mandan area businesses and individuals – to help with the campaign. His group is also being supported by KAT Communications of Bismarck.

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