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Cass County schools to be equipped to address overdose incidents

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In collaboration with Fargo-Cass Public Health, school districts across Cass County will soon be equipped with Narcan, and trained staff members to administer the overdose antidote. Health Officer, Doctor John Baird says there has never been a reported overdose at a school building in the County. But…

       “…Well there are drugs in our community and the schools are part of our community. And so it’s just one more effort that we’re making to try to address the problem.”

Baird says schools are also a place for the public to assemble. He says having another life-saving tool at the ready is a good move. Baird points to other items already in place like defibulators for heart attack victims and epi-pens for those having allergic reactions. Central Cass Superintendent Morgan Forness says having the antidote on hand can make a difference – especially for rural schools…

“…We have a Cass County Sheriff’s Department that has a substation in Casselton. But they’re not always in town. They do have a large area they have to patrol. The ambulance service is a volunteer ambulance service. A wonderful service in town. But it takes time to get some of those volunteers to the station and get them deployed. Absolutely time is of the essence and it just makes sense if you can do something in that interim to save a life.”

Fargo-Cass Public Health will be conducting the training at schools around the county.

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