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Guns stolen in West Fargo break-ins include deputy sheriff's pistol

The West Fargo Police Department and Cass County Sheriff's Office are offering a $1000 cash reward for information regarding a number of recent break-ins that resulted in the theft of three firearms.

West Fargo Detective Craig Danielson says over the course of three days, ten cars and one garage in the Westport Beach and Eagle Run neighborhoods in West Fargo were broken into. Numerous amounts of property was taken, along with three guns - one shotgun, one handgun, and one pistol. The pistol was a duty pistol belonging to a Cass County Sheriff's deputy who was off duty at the time of the theft. Cass County Sergeant Tom Briggemann says it's extremely disappointing that these firearms, including a duty pistol, might fall into the wrong hands. He says along with a criminal investigation into the thefts, an internal investigation involving the deputy in question is also being conducted.

"As far as the process goes in our office, we have what we call an Office of Professional Standards and we have launched a full internal investigation through the Office of Professional Standards with this deputy to identify why the pistol was in the vehicle at the time it was stolen. I don't have any answers for you because I'm not going to speculate on the slightest bit of the degree of negligence at this time based off of the circumstances and why it happened."

The West Fargo Police Department and Cass County Sheriff's Office are each offering $500 each for information about the break-ins and thefts.

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