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Fargo Salvation Army falls short of Red Kettle Campaign goal

The Salvation Army in Fargo has announced their results from their 2017 Red Kettle Campaign - and it's just short of their $900,000 goal.

But Major Elaine Medlock is optimistic.

"Our final total was $856,002.45, so we fell a little short of our goal - we were at 95.1 percent of our goal. While it's not reaching our $900,000 goal, it's still very close and we are happy with the result."

Medlock says going into 2018, the Salvation Army will look to make adjustments where they are needed.

"You know, you always have two options - you trim expenses, or you increase income. So we're always mindful of our expenses, so we'll be extra mindful of those so we make sure that our income and expense match at the end of the year. So it's not going to cause us a great deal of discomfort, but we'll just be mindful of those kinds of things and cut expenses where we can."

Medlock says despite falling a little short of the overall goal, it's important to remember that the community is incredibly responsive to needs fulfilled by the Salvation Army - she says they feel blessed with what did come in this year. 

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