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Bill introduced to prohibit discrimination based on sexual orientation


The Legislature will again consider a bill to prohibit discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation.

"It (the bill) only regards housing, finance, which is insurance, and employment," said the bill's main sponsor, Rep. Mary Johnson (R-Fargo).

Johnson said she has first-hand knowledge of this issue.

"Somebody was fired for being gay," Johnson said. "The injustice of it angers me. Therefore, the bill."

The bill has failed in past sessions. But Johnson thinks there’s a better chance of it passing this time.

"Unfortunately, and I hated to do it, I eliminated gender identity," Johnson said. "It now only regards sexual orientation."

No hearing date has yet been set for that bill.

In the past, opponents of the measure said it wasn't necessary -- because current laws should be adequate to take care of the issue.


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