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House passes bill to give tax breaks to military retirees


The House has passed a bill to give a state income tax deduction for benefits received by retired military.

The House Finance and Taxation Committee approved it on an 8 to 5 vote, but the House Appropriations Committee recommended a “Do Not Pass” on a 15 to n6 vote.

Rep. Steve Vetter (R-Grand Forks) said it was an incentive to attract retired military to come to North Dakota and fill some needed jobs.

"We compete with other states for a skilled and specialized workforce," Vetter told the House. "We need these specialized retirees to get jobs in North Dakota."

Vetter said it also helps with base retention, because it makes North Dakota a more "Military Friendly" state.

"In many cases, former military are the only people who qualify for these available jobs," Vetter said. "You should vote 'yes,' because it is a great investment, and pays for itself several times over."

Opponents said North Dakota is already an attractive place for retirees.

But the House voted in favor of the bill 50 to 42. The bill will now be considered in the Senate.