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Labor Secretary Acosta visits N.D.

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U-S Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta says North Dakota is doing many things right, but is still facing challenges when it comes to a workforce shortage…

“Your unemployment rate is 2.5%. Virtually, if someone is looking for a job there are jobs available. Nationally we have 7.2-Million open jobs. For the first time in our history we have more open jobs than individuals looking for jobs.”

Secretary Acosta was invited to visit North Dakota by Senator Kevin Cramer to talk about workforce development. Acosta says North Dakota’s success also presents challenges…

“…And with a 2.5% unemployment rate filling those jobs is a great challenge to have… but it’s a real issue. And so, how do we engage more of the workforce?  You know, folks that are leaving prison. How do we work with them so they have the skills to have jobs? And that’s a win-win for everyone.”

Current estimates put the number of job openings in the state at around 30-thousand.

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