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Mott cleaning up after F-1 tornado

Courtesy of Nadra Auch

The city of Mott continues to clean up after Friday night’s F-1 tornado.

Mott Mayor Troy Mosbrucker said the city had about 25 minutes of warning before the twister went through. He said no one was hurt – but there was plenty of damage.

"We had several buildings on Main that were affected," Mosbrucker said. "A car wash and connected storage units had the roof torn off and the doors torn off. We have a lot of uprooted trees, damage to homes in downtown, damaged grain bins."

Mosbrucker said a grain bin flew into the side of someone's house.

"We had the county fair going on," Mosbrucker said. "The exhibit building collapsed."

"It is going to be several months to clean this mess up," Mosbrucker said.

Clean up began in earnest, starting Saturday.

"People came to town with loaders and trucks," Mosbrucker said. "People we don't even know showed up to clean parks and help residents clean their yards."

Mosbrucker said city residents remain upbeat. He said the city went ahead with a scheduled street dance Saturday night, and the dance had a very good crowd.

"That's what's nice about a small community," Mosbrucker said. "They all come together when something happens."

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