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Racing Commission says 2019 was a 'great year'

Dave Thompson
Prairie Public

The director of the North Dakota Racing Commission said 2019 was a good year for the industry.

"The summer was actually fabulous," Jack Schulz told the Legislature's Audit and Fiscal Review Committee. "We were one of the few tracks in the US that didn't have any major incidents."

Schulz said there we no horse deaths, no injuries, and no negative drug tests.

"We had a clean summer," Schulz said.

Race meets were held in Fargo, at the North Dakota Horse Park, and at Belcourt, at Chippewa Downs.

"For their applications for next year, both tracks have asked for more race dates," Schulz said. "We think that's a positive also."

Schulz said Horse Race North Dakota continues to work with the city of Fargo over taxes owed on the Horse Park. He said there isn’t yet a permanent solution, but told the committee things are “moving forward.”

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