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'Dakota' the Hadrosaur exhibit being retooled

State Historical Society of North Dakota

A new dinosaur exhibit will open at the North Dakota Heritage Center in March.

Actually, it is going to be a retooled exhibit.

State geologist Ed Murphy said “Dakota” the Hadrosaur has been taken off the floor. It's being cleaned up –and changed.

"The big part of that will be that you can literally pet it," Murphy said. "We did a 3-D scan of the skin, and we'll be putting that out in some kind of soft material. And you can run your hands over that."

Murphy said it will be very much like petting a dinosaur, had you been around millions of years ago.

Murphy said when it re-opens, it will be a much more “kid-friendly” exhibit.

"They can see the tail, they can see the arms, they can see the foot with the scales on them," Murphy said.

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