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Fossil display coming to Valley City

The Barnes County Museum in Valley City will soon host a new display of fossils - many of which would have been typical plant and animal life from Eastern North Dakota millions of years ago.

Clint Boyd is senior paleontologist with the North Dakota Geological Survey.  He says the fossils were discovered by private citizens.

"There will be a case of material that was found in Eastern North Dakota, and those were largely found by members of the general public that then brought the specimens to our attention. They were all from private land. We partnered with them and they decided to donate them to the state fossil collection so that everyone in the state could see them.  So we have some specimens in there from Griggs County up by Cooperstown, and some specimens in there from Grand Forks County as well, and a specimen or two from Cavalier County I believe that comes off North Dakota State Parks and Rec land.  This not just highlights the fossils that are out there in Eastern North Dakota, but also the partnerships we try to have with the public to have them be partners in helping to preserve this historical record."

Boyd says this will be a great opportunity for Eastern North Dakota residents to view fossils and learn about the state's pre-history.  Erection of the display, which will include a triceratops skeleton originally constructed in Valley City, will begin Tuesday.

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